Modelling machines 1

MonoFab ARM-10

By using the ARM-10 3D printer, designs which would challenge standard milling, such as undercuts and complex shapes, can be produced with just a few software steps. Your ideas are transformed into tangible 3D objects quickly and easily, allowing you to validate your designs.

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Modelling machines 2

MonoFab SRM-20

The SRM-20 milling machine produces beautiful finishes, including smooth, curved surfaces and accurate, fine details. Precision milling makes it ideally suited for creating prototypes which require mechanical checks and confirmation of fit. And, due to its ability to cut a wide range of materials, models will look and feel closer to the final production runs and are ready for final validation.

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Modelling machines 3


Introducing the world's smallest milling machine for dental prostheses. The DWX-4 is compact in design as well as being accurate and versatile. The DWX-4 is used for milling crowns and bridges in zirconium, PMMA and wax.

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Modelling machines 4


The DWX-51D is designed for effortless, precision production of dental prosthetics from copings, crowns and bridges to inlays, onlays and abutments, etc.

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Modelling machines 5


The DWX-4W is a wet grinding unit for dental applications that will soon be available. It quickly and easily mills popular glass ceramic and composite resins with precision and reliability.

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Modelling machines 6


The MDX-50 CNC mill is an ideal stand-alone modelling solution for the production of short runs, prototypes and pre-production modelsa and final samples. The MDX-50 is also is an effective complementary technology to 3D printing.

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Modelling machines 7


The DWX-50 is an advanced 5-axis milling machine that produces high quality dental prostheses from zirconium, wax, PMMA and acrylic, among others. Use this unit to mill crowns, bridges, abutments and other dental prostheses.

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Modelling machines 8


The MODELA PRO II MDX-540 is our largest and most powerful milling machine. You can use it to create professional prototypes and industrial designs. You can equip the milling machine with an automatic tool changer, a rotary axis and a T-slot table to further increase the milling options.

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Modelling machines 9


The MODELA MDX-40A is a compact milling machine with which you can create realistic models, functional prototypes and moulds. The ratio of price and quality is excellent and the machine works very accurately. You can equip the MDX-40A with an optional rotary axis.

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Modelling machines 10

iModela IM-01

The iModela is an inexpensive, easy-to-use device that mills wax, PU foam, soft woods and plastic materials commonly used by model building hobbyists and Do-It-Yourselfers.

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